My first murder?

Earlier this week one of my fish died. It was the first of mine to hede to the call to that big fish tank in the sky.

Months ago I received my first fish tank. Nothing major just your standard 50 gallon tank. It has thou become my obsession. My next goal/wish is for a big 120 gallon one. Granted they are some work, but so beautiful and peaceful to watch.

Update I had two deaths in one week. Sigh I blame myself and feel horrible. I put live plants in it a few weeks ago and had got a CO2 tank, an upgrade from a 2 liter bottle with sugar-water and yeast. I only turn the tank on a few hours at a very small bubble a day. I guess at some point one day it started throwing a lot of CO2 into the water. And I almost killed all of them with poisoning. Poor things even the bottom feeders were at the surface sucking air.

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