Southern Hospitalily isn’t dead (Florida is the south)

A week and a half ago my Uncle passed away. At 47 years old, and a month ago seemed relatively health except what we thought at the time was just a pulled muscle that would heal, he is gone to soon from this planet.

When I first heard about him passing from my family at the hospital, I was then informed to start cleaning the house (apparently it needed to be sterile), clean out the frig of anything that we might be able to get rid of and clear off tables to make room for food. I remember thinking the first day “Do people even still do this” and maybe I’m just a bad person, because in the almost 30 years I’ve been alive I can’t remember once doing that myself. But I said to myself I’ll go along, everyone probably needs to stay busy doing something to take their mind off of things.

Well I was wrong, in a big way. Paul pass at 8 in the morning. But noon we had 7 family members running around the house cleaning things 2 and 3 times over, and bringing food for us to last a week. By mid afternoon people were calling and stopping by to see if they could help with anything and of course drop off food. Fortunately or unfortunately (I haven’t decided yet) my job needed me to work 2nd shift (evenings) that week. So I missed what I know refer to as the festivities. I was able to take half the week off so I was able to partake in some of the family goings on. But every night when I would come home there would be more food and coolers. I would hear about the people stopping by of course. I have to say  it was pretty amazing. The people from his work were the “worse” (I don’t mean that in a bad way), you could tell just how love and respected he was there. He made a lot of friend in his 25 yrs there.

I learned more about my Uncle in that one week then I have in 30 years. But It also made me start remembering all my fond memories of him from my childhood on. Paul was my neighbor so in the last year he got a Beagle puppy Ty for a “hunting” dog. And I had started to get use to him knocking on the back door every evening asking if Beau (my Lab mix) could come out and play. I’ll miss his ranting and raving and will always feel sad for my cousin Devin for losing his father so young.


(Ty in the garden)