Decisions Decisions

So, I’ve taken it easy, trying to let my knee/s heal up enough to head back out on the trail. I know I won’t have time to finish it this year. But I wouldn’t mind trying to finish some more, do as much as I can. At the moment walking around feels fine, but I can barely go up and down steps.
I’ve thought of doing the florida trail to help prepare and retrain for the AT. For those of you in Florida understand there aren’t that many big hills here. Less stress on my knee going down. Ordered some braces to see if that helps, and getting my muscles in shape should help the tendons stay in place.
The Florida Trail is harder to walk on, because you have to get permission from everywhere you can think of. The government to walk on bases, indian reservations, private land owners, hunting clubs, So much more of a pain. But I can do a couple hundred miles and not be more than 2 hours from home. So its convenient. I also feel they might be more dangerous, more people, less hikers. Might think about carrying on that one.
There are some trails around here, I’ll start with this week.


It can’t possibly be that long ago.

So 3 years ago at lunch time. My better half Cameron, while eating publix deli surrounded by dog poo and the smell of pee (we were at the dog park) asked me to be his girlfriend. It was so romantic I couldn’t say no.
Over the years we have had many adventures and a lot of great stories shared. I wouldn’t change many of the moments we have spent together and look forward to what ever life throws at us later. Cause I know we’ll be able to handle anything together. He’s my honey bunny.