Our love affair with Swamp Rock.

So if you know Cam and I, you know we love us some JJ Grey and Mofro. I was introduced to their music a good 5/6 years ago and have never looked back. And when Cam and I met he was a quick converter.
We had the privilege of being extras in his newest music video two weeks ago, and my cousin was able to get us awesome tickets to his tour opening show this past weekend in Orlando.
We weren’t able to get a 100% answer on what video we were in, but there was some winks and nods and everyone there left thinking is was “99 shades of crazy” The cd and video wont be out till next week but wanted to give a few sneak peek pics from the shoot. Leaving somewhere bruised, banged up and sore never felt so good.

The concert was awesome as usual. Even got to see some of the folks from the video shoot. Great sits, great music and great company.

Update the twenty fifth of April, 2013…

Heres a link to the video we were in. Count how many times you can see Cameron. haha

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