Deal of the week!


After not going in a Big Lots for atleast two years, i’ve gone twice in the last month. Both times with different people in different cities. What I learned? I LOVE BIGLOTS! Why did I stay away so long? Well our local one is moving and having a good sale. Unfortunately this has probably going on awhile, the place was mostly cleared out. I got some random gardening stuff not worth talking about, but. Theses were in clearance for 7 dollars. Awesome price already. I just bought a one cup one for $3.50 two weeks ago. Since they were going out if business 20% off that price. AWESOME!!!

Garden Update in pictures.

Fruit trees have bloomed and started getting little fruit, and the Pecan trees finally started getting their leaves back from winter. Our roses are looking good. And thankfully the Hydrangeas we received from Hollys’ service is doing good. Raised bed it doing great, and even got some pallets to make a salad only bed soon, and will be able to thin out some of the veggies in the big box. And this week I need to separate the tomato seeds.