Day 2 -5 of the challange

Okay, I have to say I feel great about this challenge. I might be only saying that because yesterday was an off day and i’m not nearly as sore. 🙂
So here’s a quick breakdown of the last few days with it.
Day one: easyish. You get a bit of a sweat, but nothing that major and you recover quickly.
Day two: Still a bit easy, but your recovery isn’t as good. You feel this one more later in the day when getting up and down. But it’s not a killer.
Day three: Okay, this is like the breaking point of soreness. You’re only doing 60 but combined with everything else you’re doing during the day. You’re sore THE WHOLE DAY! Don’t get me wrong, its kind of nice to be workout sore. Helps you feel like you’re doing something. But we all we’re moving slower (I have a group of 4 doing it with me, all with different levels of fitness ability)
Day four: REST DAY, oh glorious rest day. We went down south to visit Cams dad for the fourth, so it was a real rest day. No gym or anything. It was much needed. By the end of the day, my muscles were completely rested.
Day five: It’s like being back at day 2. We had to do 70 today. And maybe I was just feeling lazy or not rested. But it took me all day to get motivated and finish them. Not in a ton of pain or anything, but I feel them.

Thoughts: I’m pretty sure we’ll be walking funny most days the next month. But that’s okay, I don’t mind for the end result.


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