Life lesson learned!

So I’m one of those people that always want to pick up strays. I don’t, but I want too. I’ve picked up a few in my day, get em’ healthy and find them a home. My dream “job” would be to open a pet rescue. But I digress.
This past Sunday evening we were driving home and we saw a small Chihuahua on the side of the road. I was driving so I pulled over. 🙂 We had Gavin with us, so I was trying to get him to get it. He was to scared. (my sister might have a Chihuahua sweetie, clears throat).
Picked it up and right away, noticed it was super old and skinny. Gavin fall in love with her right away. She started sleeping with him and he was responsible for her.
I went through all the steps, check for microchip, none. Let a couple vets know I found her. Let our local pet rescue know. And made some flyers. The evening I was going to put the flyers up, the owner also posted on the pet rescue site. The dog we were calling Foxy was actually named Zoe.
For four days we had a little girl doggy in our home, and Gavin was hoping to keep her. There are some things that are the same if you’re 11 or 31. You know you should do the right thing, but sometimes you really don’t want to. But in the end, the right thing is always better.
Gavin had one of those moments today. He was hoping so bad that we would be able to keep her. Was a bit sad when we went to drop her off, but he said. ” It made me feel really good, to see how happy she was to see her again.” There were tears from the mom. But the other lesson he learned was its rewarding to do the right thing. Figuratively and literally, she had bought us a card and it had a gift card in it. That was the highlight of his day, and helped soften some of the sadness. lol



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