I’m 30, but feel 20. Until I hang out with 20 year olds, then I’m all, NO I’M 30!

This past weekend my friend Clarissa came into town. That’s a big deal, because she’s just sooo busy living this adventurous life, she can only drive the 7 hours here ever 2 years. (Rolls eyes).
Anywho, Thursday when she came down I forced her into a dinner and a movie date. We went to the Cracker Barrel, cause ya know I know how to treat my ladies right. And then we all came back here to watch Warm Bodies. I’ll actually be reviewing the book on here later this month, after our book club meeting. So I won’t get into that now. But both are worth watching/reading.
Friday was going out night. Dinner again, I’ll be reviewing that too on my other blog. KC Crave. If you’re ever in the Gainesville area, its worth going to. Had the privilege of hanging out with Raye. I’ve probably spent atleast 100,000 hours of my life with this man, but none in the last 2 year’s. Why? No good reason really. Just life I Guess.
I digress, after many drinks and tons of gossip and stories, and let’s not forget the I Loves Yous. We went to one of my favorite places in Gainesville. The Top. OMG, I have missed this place. It’s been a good minute since I’ve last gone. Tear. I’m a closet hippy/beatnik. So I love the atmosphere. Eclectic, funky and artsey. Everything I’ve wanted to be but couldn’t because of always having “real jobs” . But don’t fret, I always sneak something hipstery into my day to day life.
Were so old, you know like, early early 30s. So once 11:00 came it was way past Cams bed time. I miss my friends already.

Fall hiking!

Me and my hiking buddy DoodleBug were chatting last night, and he convinced me to do a 3 week hike in November. He really had to work hard at talking me into it, I’m sure 😉
We’re going to pick up were I left off and go through the smokies. I’ve been strenghting my knee the last couple months and trying to build a bit more leg muscles than I had. I’m pretty sure I’ll be faster than I was in “spring”. That’s in quotations because it snowed and was below freezing everynight I was out. I mean, snails were passing me then.
Super duper excited. I’m hoping since were starting earlier Nov the leaves will still be changing.
Can we say, pictures.