New Month, New Challenge!

This months challenge is abs. I’m actually more excited about this one. I’m probably going to follow this one better than the squat one. Not because I didn’t like the squats. Wait that might be sort of a lie. I was in a love/hate thing with them. I would some times not be able to do all of them, toward the end, because of my knee. However, on my good knee days, I always tried to do extra as make up.
Abs are one of those muscles that have a very quick recovery period. That’s why you can do ab workouts everyday, while some muscle groups need a rest day. I’m going to follow it except for the crunchs, I’m going to start those off at 50. That way I can do side ones to. Gots to work out my muffin top girl.

I’ll review my first days thoughts in a sec. Here’s the actual plan. I got this from Clarissa so I’m not sure where she got it. When I do, I’ll link that at the bottom.


Today’s work out was great. I was expecting it to be average in intensity. Not because of the sit-ups or crunchs. Because of the planks and leg raises.
Turns out the leg raises were moderate like I thought. The planks on the other hand, kicked my but. I was a little red faced, at the end of that. I might have done a few extra seconds, not sure. I added a few seconds more, because I was counting in my head. And we all know those seconds are way faster. It’s been a few hours since I finished, and I feel great.

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