A visit from a long lost friend.

So in excitement? preparation? of my friend Clarissa stopping by on her way down south. I thought it would be fun to do a photo collage of the last few years together. I tried to go way back (we met 10/11 years ago), but most of my older pictures are on old hard drives I don’t feel like dealing with or on MySpace. And for some reason I couldn’t remember my password. Weird right. I even asked them to email me it. With no result. So beware Clarissa, one day I will be able to get back on there and find you. bahahaha.
I have to admit it was harder to put together then I thought, I wanted mostly just pictures of just us, but a lot I couldn’t use because of people around us in them. We’ve both had a breakup or two and friends lost in the last few years. And well they don’t all need to be on here. Most of these I haven’t seen in ages and I had to laugh at the memories. And no all the costumes are not from Halloween’s. We just love to dress up.
What I’ve learned from looking at pictures? We’ve been friends through thick and thin, the good times and the bad. Through all my hair adventures, long short, blonde – dark brown. And we’ve over come our physical differences. You learn to not mind leaning over in EVERY picture. 🙂

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