August Pawbox

Why do I always get the last months box? Both times I have received them, its always the prior months box. Oh well.
This month was a bit better for my dogs. We received a Smead size toy, a yellow egg looking thing. That Beau grabbed right away and hogged. A bag of snausage style treats (the dogs love these), another sample size bag of treats. A decent size rope toy (we love those), and yet another poop bag kit.
That would be great if I scooped poop. But I haven’t had to do that in 10 years, since Smead was a young boy. And I’ve probably never in 4 years scooped Beaus. Unless we were on vacation or something.
I have a few apartment dwelling friends I can give them too though.

Over all a good month. Still not seeing myself repurchasing. Cause I’m pretty sure I can buy better things for the same amount of money. But who knows, next month might blow me away.

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