Adventures to come.

So I tried walking the AT earlier this year, but had to quit due to injuring my Knee, no worries the worst is over, and my toe nails are growing back nicely. All but one is back so far.
I met and have followed many great people. Some have finished and some had to leave it for another time. But the one I hiker I walked with the most and have kept in contact the most with was Duddlebug. And this fall we have decided to hike the month of Nov. We had talked about possibly doing the Smokies, but we all know that’s out for right now. Virginia is our next option. I figure it will be great training for the AT next year. Or maybe the Florida trail this winter.
I’ve replaced a few things from my last trip to the AT. Mot much, but I did learn that 3 extra pounds and feel like 20 at the end of the day. And I have found MY pair of shoes. The Brooks Ghost. Light, water repellant and fit like heaven. I’ve never had good luck with athletic shoes, my whole life. They either rub my heals, or swish my toes since I have wide feet. No problem with these.

I’m really excited. I’ve only walked around my property or at the preserve, but it’s not the same.

McAfee Knob, Virginia Most photographed place on the AT.

McAfee Knob, Virginia
Most photographed place on the AT.

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