Book Review – Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

I remember seeing the preview for the movie when it came out and thought, “I want to see that”. I pretty much love zombie anything. I’ve watched most of the C and D rated zombie movies on Netflix. Read many many zombie books. And I’m waiting patiently for the Zombie Apocalypse to start.
Unfortunately, at the time I didn’t know the movie was based on a book. Luckily, I realized it before watching the movie.
I love it, we loved it in our book club.
It was so cute and witty. An unexpectedly lovely zombie love story.
The writing was very well done. Great inter dialogue writer. As I think most the book is told through R’s thoughts, you’re never bored or left needing more explanation. I’ve only ever delved in writing short stories, so I’m not an expert by any means. But I know Good comic timing and believable dialogue can make or break a book.
If you’re not a zombie or reader of the gross. Don’t knock this book before trying it. I think many genres of readers would at least like it.


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