Grocery Haul – Walmart (Organic and All Natural)

I had a September Favorites all written out and ready to go, but then we went on one of our weekly grocery shopping trips. We still have 2 or three little things we need, that I’ll get later. This is the majority of what we needed thou.

We’re doing an extended Liver and gallbladder cleanse. So the last week we’ve drunk a lot of cherry and apple juice. This will be the last week of juice drinking before the real cleansing.


About half of the snacks we eat and Cam takes to work are fruits. They other half he eats are granola bars. We didn’t need any bars this week. But our fridge and holder were bare.


I wanted to show these, I can’t locally find any decently priced organic chicken. These are the ones I buy. And I can only find them at Wal-Mart. Even the “All- Natural” chicken at stores are 15% water. These are only 6 percent and the same price or cents more.

This was all about $85 dollars, plus then I scanned my recepit in the savings catcher. We’ll see if I get some money back.

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