Acure Lip Lush (Lip Gloss) – Review and Swatches

I won these in a Pinterest giveaway through Acures pinterest page. I was super excited, I hardly ever win anything. Having said that, these opinions are my own, I get nothing for a good/bad review.

Birthday suit, Date Worthy, No Strings, Shmexy, Daaang

Birthday suit, Date Worthy, No Strings, Shmexy, Daaang

I’ll give a picture of my bare lips, I figured I might as well do this while my lips aren’t super hydrated. They aren’t really dry and flaking but they are dry enough to show more lines and are pretty flat looking. So we’ll see how they settle and cover. And then of course some pics of the glosses on my lips then I’ll give you a brief review.
As for ingredients, these are really good. A lot of organic products were used its gluten free, and I think made in the USA.

Bare Lips

These two are the most pigmented and not as easy to apply as the others. Not that its hard, but you can’t just slap it on without a mirror. They feel smooth on the lips accept for DAANG does have a texture. but it a smooth feel. Its weird. I can’t describe it. They are not sticky in any way. The only probably I have is I find them blotchy. I can’t seem to get an even color distribution.

Bare Lips

These are the three with the least amount of pigment. All of them except NO STRINGS has the really smooth texture. NO STRINGS has the same feel as DAAANG. Do you need all three of these colors. Hmmmm. But one of them would be nice.

These are by no means long-lasting. However, they feel great on the lips. Slightly moisturizer and I think in real life they give a slight to medium wash of color. Just be ready to reapply every few hours.

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