Grocery Haul #2 (Walmart and Publix : Natural and Organic)


I am so glad they started carrying Wild Oats, we’ve tried some of their other stuff and really like it too. I’ve tried one of these since buying and it was great.
The Italian sausage sauce from Newman’s Own is our holy grail pasta sauce.
These can goods aren’t natural but we can’t find organic canned corn. And we’ve tried many canned pears and these are Cams favorite. The 365 brand is really good too, but Whole Foods an hour away from here.


Did I need to buy 7 juices? Yeeees, The Lakewood brand was half off. And I really like them, compared the a very similar looking brand.
I’m glad I found these pitas. This brand/flavor is also in tortilla. They are low carb which I try to eat. Thinner than regular pitas, but tasty.



We ended up not being able to eat all these bananas, I like greener ones, so I peeled and froze the rest for smoothies.

Publix trip 2:

We were driving up to Virginia this weekend, so we needed some more fruit for road food. And ran out of creamer.

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