Tribute to Life

This past weekend we had the privilege of attending the Organ and Tissue Donation, Tribute of Life Program and Reception.

This program has a big place in all of our lives here. When my papa passed away 12 years ago, he was an organ donor, his donations went to glaucoma/eye research and diabetes research.
And almost 2 years ago 3 special people received life changing gifts from Holly.

I worked for many years at a bio-tech company that used the gift of donation. You never loose sight of the lose someone or their families give so that others can live better lives. Most of us take for granted a certain quality of life, with the help of Life Quest and companies like them. We can give others that same life. Children that have never known a normal life, families or family member involved in accidents and people suffering. To hear an old woman’s tears when they can walk again after years of confinement, or see a boy playing in a park, that had never left a hospital, gives hope to so many.

To take away the pain or suffering of just one person, can help ease the hurt and heartache of a whole family.
Losing a child is never easy, and nothing will ever make the lose and heartache go away. However, knowing your child, parent, friend or loved one, as changed someone elses life, helps give reason to what can sometimes feel like the end the world.
Will knowing that someone can breathe easier or live longer make it easier to not miss them everyday? No, but just knowing that , that person lives on in someone else can still bring a tear to your eye and a smile to your face.

photo (2)

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