Red Apple Lipstick – Lipstick Review

Left to right : New York, Secrets, Brazillant, ruby slippers

I’ll get it out there. I love these. Creamy, moisturizing, pigmented. Good and good for you. As you can tell by the photos I’m a natural lip lover. But these were my first purchase from them and I wanted colors that I knew I would love and would wear all the time.
At $23.50 these aren’t cheap, but they aren’t super expensive ever. A lot of regular and natural high-end brands are compatible or more expensive. And they often have deals and coupon codes available.

Here’s a little info from their website.
“Gluten Free, Paraben Free Lipstick That’s So Creamy, So Fresh, So Moisturizing…
You’ll Freak Out If You Lose It.”

“We choose to use safe ingredients, chosen carefully from the most respected ingredient suppliers in the world. And from there, every product is made here in the United States (Texas, to be precise) in small, boutique batches.

… hand selected, safe ingredients …
… no petroleum, no animal bits, no gluten, soy, dairy, corn, harsh chemicals or GMOs…
… ingredients that effectively improve the health of your lip skin, like high quality Vitamin E …
… effective, old school, manufacturing processes – the kind BEFORE chemicals were introduced …
… small batches keep things fresh …
… stringent storage and handling procedures …
… A special gluten free Vitamin E zaps chapped and dry lips, making them a memory…
… each hand pressed, mineral eye shadow is designed specifically for the most sensitive eyes, yet with awesome color payoff …”

New York (Top Left) – The RAL website says that “New York is a brown based nude shade with orange undertones.” Hmmm, I don’t get the orange undertone, It almost has a grayish look. (Don’t be scared), looks to be more blue undertones. If you’re familiar with L’Oreal fairest nude, very similar, but smoother and creamier.
Secrets (Top Right – “brilliant sheen with a smooth finish, Secrets is a pink/fuschia-y moisturizing lipstick, with a deep gold shimmer” I agree with this. It’s a slightly purple pink.
Brazillant (Bottom Left) – Website says “Brazilliant is pink with slight tangerine undertones, almost a very light coral. Some gorgeous shimmer and super easy to wear” Light coral is defiantly true. It doesn’t pull pink on me, but that just might be my lips. Any of these colors will look different on you, then on me.
Ruby Slippers (Bottom Right) – The RAL website says “Ruby Slippers is a subtle red color with hints of pink. It is warmed up with tiny gold reflects that dazzle in the light.” “Perfect for a day time version of a red lip, this color is very versatile and easy to wear for any occasion. ” AGREED 100%. This is almost a slightly redder Brazillant.

The shimmer ones are slightly drier then the cream finish ones. Which isn’t a bad thing, some times they are so soft you have to be careful while putting them on. Are they long lasting? Average. If you eat, you need to reapply.

These lip swatches are on bare none moisturized lips, with NO lip-liner.

This picture was taken about 2 hours after swatching. That’s me not being careful, so half of it is probably on my shirt, and a lightly rubbed them lightly a few times.

Their return policy. Which I love, when you spent a decent amount on something, its nice to know if its not working out or your a clutz. Your taken care of.
“6 Month Money Back Guarantee
You have nothing to risk, yet everything to gain. That’s not a typo! You are welcome to try any Red Apple product, in your own home, for a FULL 6 MONTHS! And if for any reason you don’t agree it’s the best darn beauty product you have ever owned, if you break it, smash it, step on it… anything … we’ll exchange it or refund 100% of your money!”

4 thoughts on “Red Apple Lipstick – Lipstick Review

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  2. Great review/swatches. Thanks for sharing the link with me on my channel. Hope you don’t mind but I passed this along on my twitter & FB page too. 🙂

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