Basic Cranberry Sauce Recipe

I love homemade cranberry sauce. And I try to make it every year for the holidays. But this year I decided to make extra and can some. To pass out as gifts, eat all year, door stops, whatever.
This is my simple recipe. I make one with nuts that I actually like more. Maybe I’ll do that one at Christmas, one can never tell.

First lets prep the jars. If you half this recipe, you wont need to can any, well maybe. We normally only spread cranberry sauce one things. So a little goes a long way. This is just how many small jars I had left. I probably should have maybe canned two more this size. I took two bowls of it to Thanksgiving and we still had plenty for left overs. I ended up freezing a couple of ice cubes worth.

Boil jars for a few minutes to sterilize. I throw my lids in after I cut the water off to hydrate the gasket. (Leave water hot)

Lets talk tartness. I don’t mind a tart sauce/jam. This recipe makes a medium tartness. If you want it more tart sub the water for more orange juice and of course less sugar.

Bring two bags of cranberries with 1 cup of water and 1 cup of orange juice to boil. (One cup of liquid for each bag, be creative if you want). I normally let it boil for a few minutes to make sure all the cranberries have popped. Just keep a lazy eye on it. Once all of them have popped you can turn the heat off.

This step is optional. But I was going for a smoother jam this time. I decided to blend it. That’s when I added my sugar, honey and spices. Depending on your blender you might need to separate into two batches. (I needed to, but crossed my fingers at the end). For every bag of cranberry, use one small apple. Gives sweetness, pectin and texture. I put them in for a short blend, but you can blend the life out of them if you want it smoother.

Now pour into jars leaving about a 1/4 inch of space to top. Wipe any that got on the glass, and hand tighten lid. (I lost my photos of this step)
Gently place in water bath or pressure-canner and “cook” for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove and let cool and seal. ENJOY

Basis Cranberry Sauce Ingredients :

2 Bags Whole fresh Cranberries
1 Cup Water
1 Cup Orange Juice
2 Diced Apples
3/4 Cup Sugar (I used raw)
1/2 Cup Honey (I used raw)
2 Tsp Spices (I used Cinnamon, Ginger and Clove. Total equaling 2 teaspoons)

Directions : If you’re just making it as a sauce and not canning. Boil first three ingredients together for 10 minutes. Then add the rest of the ingredients, stir well. Turn stove off and enjoy.

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