November Favorites 2014

November flew by. We didn’t have to many favorites. Probably because we just used tried and true things and nothing exciting.

For Home and Beauty I pulled out old favorites.
For makeup I was really simple. A light dusting of ELF blush in Tickled Pick and Red Apple Lipstick in Secrets.

Lets talk about that candle. It might not be for everyone, but ERMAHGERD. It’s what I assume a sexy romance novel firefighter would smell like. Not to strong, but woodsy and humidory. Cam likes it too, doesn’t offend his nose. 🙂

I’ve loved my skin care regime lately. This isn’t all of my routine, but some stand outs.
The It Cosmetics primer serum, I have had for a few months, but forgot about it, cause it was in our guest bathroom. I pulled it back out and have made my own “BB Cream”. I mix a drop of this with my liquid foundation. Great dewy finish once set, and very hydrating.
This Devita glycolic treatment is great. Really good at resurfacing and making your skin feel smooth the next morning.
Along with the Andalou Naturals Pumpkin Mask, my skin has been staying bright. I’m thinking about doing a separate review for that in the next couple weeks.
Living in Florida we don’t get the real dryness that some of you may get, but it does get drier here. So I’ve used a drop of this argan oil in with my moisturizer day in night. Has helped combat that tighter afternoon skin I can get. And its great for anti-aging. I don’t care what brand I use, this one I got at TJMaxx.

For Food :

Lets discuss pumpkin purée. In the last month and a half, I’ve used at least 4 or 5 of these. Mmmm ,good stuff.
Eggnog is a fall obsession with me. This is the second one we bought. I need help.
Of course one of our favorites is my homemade cranberry sauce (Link below). Cam says he doesn’t like Cranberry sauce, but loves this one.
Hummus is always a favorite, but I tried the roasted pepper one for the first time.
That pile of nuts if the Simply Cashews, Almonds and Chocolate from Trader Joes. Such a great afternoon snack when you want something a little sweet and salty.

Red Apple Lipstick Lipstick Review :
Cranberry Sauce recipe :

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