November 2014 Empties

Another month done, another month of empties. I’m feeling a little under the weather right now, so I probably wont give any detailed reviews. So if I don’t mention it, we liked it and would or have repurchased.

First and most rewarding Home and Beauty:

That body spray I actually used as a room spray. Mmmm
I thought I would have used up a candle or two, but we have 4 or 5 going and although some are low, none are burnt out.
I will NOT be repurchasing anything from The Body Shop because of the CF status but I couldn’t even finish these. I bought then within the year and they separated already. I had wanted to try to use them up over the winter, of well. This Suave we’ve had and was in the guest bath, not going to repurchase.
Will not be repurchasing the mascaras either or the foundation. Trying to use up stuff from before went more natural. I have watery eyes and these mascaras smudge.

Food and Drink :

I had a few dog things and maybe a house thing or two, but can’t find the picture and I can’t remember exactly.

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