Watts Beauty Retinol review

This is a retinol serum I found on Amazon a year or two a go, and fell in love with.
I’ve almost gone through 3 bottles. Two smaller 2 oz cream and one 4 oz gel. I have mostly normal skin that in the summer can get a little oily in my t-zone. In the winter I get a bit drier, by no means as dry as people with dry skin. I use the gel in summer and the cream in winter.
This stuff is first affordable, second made with good ingredients and third makes my skin feel really good.
It’s not a serum that you will see huge changes, like dark spots vanishing. However I noticed when I first started using it a small difference in my fine lines. I’m only 32 and have for the most part taken care of my skin. So I don’t have deep lines. What I do noticed the most, texture. Softer smoother skin. You will have to exfoliate if you don’t already thou. I’m trying a different retinol now a few times a week. But I would totally repurchase this.

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