December Favorites 2014

Another month, another favorites. Didn’t really have any beauty favorites this month. Just been using the same stuff that I love. I did switch up my night-time moisturizer, but have only been using it about a week. I’ll report back on that, so far so good.
Oh and I got shingles around Thanksgiving, I thought at 32 I was to young. But apparently even kids get it. Who knew.
Having said that I have used the shit out of some argan oil, and think it helped with the itching and keeping me from getting scaly skin. TMI? I don’t have a brand I love more than any other, as long as it organic and 100%.

Can we talk about the beauty of that ornament. Aah, so pretty. I bought a few at Hobby Lobby on sale at the beginning of the month. Another Hobby Lobby find is that gold C. Our house is slowly getting decorated in a mid-century/regency style.
I don’t buy bath and body products from BaBW’s. Their parent company isn’t cruelty free, and they are by no means non-toxic. But man I love there scents, and I will not turn down a gift from their home fragrance line in this scent or the eucalyptus mint.

I’m obsessed with these maple sweet potato chips. Might have had a few bags this month. lol.
I know it doesn’t look like it but at the time of this picture (before Christmas), I had used that salt about 10 times. I feel, and this could be in my head, that I don’t need as much as regular or sea salt.
I don’t love that chocolate chai because it tastes like chocolate. I like it because it just tastes like a nice chai tea.

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