Challah French Toast

Every time I mention french toast around any of my friends, they all suddenly want french toast. Never fails.

Growing up we just used regular sandwich bread, which I still like. But when you want to get fancy, you get cute bread.
My dad was the primary FT maker in the house, and he still makes it on the regular. If you thought for a second you could get away with just plain FT, you would wrong. Vanilla and Cinnamon are REQUIRED. He’s not a foodie and lord knows he has a baby face due to all the preservatives he eats. But good vanilla and cinnamon will always be in his spice rack. Good paper towels and toilet paper are another requirement, but that’s neither here nor there.

French Toast Recipe Serves 4:

Eggs 4 jumbo
Milk 1 cup
Vanilla 1 teaspoon
Cinnamon 1/2 tsp
Honey 1/4 cup (Maple Syrup would be good too)
Challah Bread 1 loaf
Butter or oil enough to coat pan

My bread was pretty fresh, so I cut it up the night before and left it in the oven to dry out. The oven wasn’t on, just feels safer in there. haha
Mix first 5 ingredients together and put in a dish that will fit a few slices of bread. Soak each side of the bread for at least 30 seconds. While soaking the bread, heat your pan on medium heat and add your butter or oil.
Toast each side of the bread for about 2 minutes. You can check half way to make sure your heat is good. Should be GBandD.
I use an extra plate, and place finished toast in a warm oven till they are all done.
Top with your favorites, I like butter and maple syrup. But berries are always a nice touch.

Nutritional Facts per serving : (Not included : butter/oil, syrup, powder sugar)

Calories : 593
Fat : 20.8 g
Cholesterol : 272 mg
Sodium : 762 mg
Potassium : 187 mg
Total Carb : 79.4 g
Dietary Fiber : .2 g
Sugars : 29 g
Protein : 18.6 g

Vitamin A : 13.5 %
Vitamin C : 0.2 %
Calcium : 15.3 %
Iron : 24.8 %

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