Succulent propagating

Hello my name is Kelli, and I’m a thief.
I don’t rob houses. Well I sometimes do. I rob plants. No dropped seed, cutting or leaf is safe around me.
Some of these leaves are from a friends plant or my own, and some I plucked from plants at Lowes. I’m not a greedy thief, I only take one or two leafs. But when I see a shriveling dying plant somewhere, I feel the need to give it a better life. Even if it’s through its off-spring.
Here is how I grow succulents from cuttings.

Remove leaves or sections carefully from plant. Leaves I take from the bottom. If you are taking a small section of the plant this will still apply.
Place on dirt or surface and let dry. The wet area that was connected to the mother plant needs to dry and callous. If you plant it right away in the ground, it is more likely to rot before rooting. I have placed cutting in dirt that have fallen off accidentally, and they have lived. I just make sure not to water them for a few days.

Now you wait. In a week or two you’ll start seeing little grow at the end that was connected to the mother plant. Don’t do anything yet. You’ll see the leaf or cutting start to dry up. Just leave it alone.
Once the new growth has started to root, and the leaf is really shriveled, that’s when you can give it a small misting of water. Not much. I’ll add more posts along the way as these grow.
Mist once a week and enjoy.
These are a few I keep in my kitchen window sill above the sink. And are mother plants to a few I’m propagating. And the ones in the yellow pot are in the family room, I just repotted them into that one. I’ll add photos of it filling out later as well.

Coffee Table Redo – Turning Trash into gold

We’ve been slowly redoing the house we bought earlier this year. We did a little bit of yard work just cleaning it up, since it was vacant for over a year. But the main thing has been freshening up the inside. With that we needed furniture. We had lived with my dad for the couple of years it took us to find a house. Yep, years. I wont get into the almost buys and that one time we rented a place for 1 day.
So we went from two rooms to two stories. I like nice things, and Cam like cheap things. Don’t get me wrong, I like my nice things to be cheap, and he likes his cheap things to be nice. So it will probably take us two years to furnish this house. I’m almost done with most of the rooms, just a few little things in each. The bathrooms really didn’t need much in the way of furniture, but I’m still “perfecting” them. I can spend two hours rearranging a bookcase and half the time I’m just staring at it, maybe moving something over an inch, backing up, staring again. There is probably some head tilting.
Anyway, our house was built in probably the late 1960’s so I’m decorating it in a mostly mid-century/hollywood style with a bit of hippy chic. So, I had found this credenza a month or so back at a local thrift store. It was marked 40.00, which was decent, but it wasn’t the exact style I would have liked and really. 40 at a thrift store. I don’t think so.
Then about two weeks ago, I went back in to check things out, they have a great book selection too. And it was still there, marked down to 20. And there was an okay coffee table that would work, just needed a little TLC. That was 10. I’m an over thinker, so I went home and debated. I didn’t want to kick myself in the butt for not getting it, so I went the next day. Which was Halloween. Lucky for me they were having a 30% off sale on all furniture. WHHHHAAATT. Got both for 22.00. Add in two cans for gold paint at 4 dollars each and it’s still around 30. I didn’t paint the credenza. But I have, I think, enough to paint this ugly metal side table we’ve had.

I used kilz as my primer, I had a lot left after painting our kitchen cabinets.

I decided to tape off the legs. Just to break up the gold and I thought it would look more “original”.

I ended up using 1.5 cans, probably 3 thin coats.

I really like how it turned out. My cousin in law loves it too. I think all I need in the family room is different curtains, replace the gun cabinet with some open shelves, and maybe a rug.

Fall Vegetable Planting

This was just an extra opened bag of soil I had left over from spring. Once I got the visitors out, it was still really dark and moist. This is the first time I’ve tried cauliflower.

The lavender seeds I sowed in spring never sprouted. Hopefully these will, if not. I’ll try another brand.

I should be able to get one more outside group of lettuces. I can always move them to our front porch.

I still have a few things to plant next week. I was going to plant cabbage, until I realized I didn’t have any. lol.
I’ll be planting my tulips and garlic soon.