August Pawbox

Why do I always get the last months box? Both times I have received them, its always the prior months box. Oh well.
This month was a bit better for my dogs. We received a Smead size toy, a yellow egg looking thing. That Beau grabbed right away and hogged. A bag of snausage style treats (the dogs love these), another sample size bag of treats. A decent size rope toy (we love those), and yet another poop bag kit.
That would be great if I scooped poop. But I haven’t had to do that in 10 years, since Smead was a young boy. And I’ve probably never in 4 years scooped Beaus. Unless we were on vacation or something.
I have a few apartment dwelling friends I can give them too though.

Over all a good month. Still not seeing myself repurchasing. Cause I’m pretty sure I can buy better things for the same amount of money. But who knows, next month might blow me away.

Pawbox July. First Thoughts and review.

This box subscription have been around for hmmm maybe a year or so. I was weighting which brand to go with. This one is the cheapest at 10.00 with 5 items, the next one is Pawella mini for 18.00 I think. I figured I’d give it a try. I Spend at least 7.00 on treats every month anyway. If I get a bag of treats and a few extras, will be worth it. Right?
Well I decided on the 3 month time frame to test it out. So even if it’s not worth it, I’m only out 30.00 and I’ll have at least something we like. Right?
First impression : Cute box, has the pawbox logo and little paw prints all over it. Super cute tissue paper, I will be reusing that. Has a card with theme and product info.

Okay now for the inside stuff.
In this one you get a large sample size of treats. Probably half bag size. It was 2oz. Named ” The dog ate my homework”, the treats had the words homework on them. Cute idea.
That was the highlight of the box unfortunately. Next was one of those rubbery plastic toys. The cheap hollow kind that only squeak till they bite it.
Then there was this rubber ring. Kind of odd. Just a round ring of rubber. Smelt bad.
I have to say, they might be good for some dogs. But I’ve never given mine anything but rope and cloth toys. So they don’t know what to do with them, and haven’t touched them. But that’s just my dogs.
The last two items were the filler I guess. A light up dog tag, and a training clicker.
Over all, an okay box. Just not really for my dogs. They have two more months to convince me to repurchase. If not, I’ll try one of the others.