Update.. Sitting on a couch!

(Wrote this Thursday, not sure why it didn’t post, saved as draft instead)

Ok so I’m finally somewhere and can charge my phone so here’s a good long update.

Day 1 : Think I did 8ish miles to the first shelter.  There was like 12 of us there. Only 5 thru hikers though. I made a video but my wonderful phone lost it.
It was super hard. This shit ain’t no lie. Knees were doing fine but hip started hurting. Weird, never had hip problems. Everyone at shelter was super cool. Night in the 20s.

Day 2 : Did about another 8ish miles. Up and down Sassafras and Justus mountain. OH MY GOD. I would have to stop every 30 feet to catch my breath. Duddlebug caught up with my on Justus. So we started walking together. He’s a good motivator. He’s a bit faster than me so it pushes me, and he’s NEVER negative, while I curse the whole time. After those two mountains we couldn’t make it to the next shelter. My hip hip stopped hurting, but my knee started. We made it close only a 1.5 miles  a way. So we camped on Justus Creek. Those were the ones of the creek and before and after of the tents in snow.

Day 3 : Snow day. Walked to the nearest shelter and had a zero day drying tents and packs out. I needed it. This fat girls legs were out of shape. It was nice stretching and resting my feet. But it’s weird, has must as I struggle, about noon I wanted to get going to get a few miles.  But with as slow as I am, I would have had to camp again. In the snow. Nope.

Day 4 : Our goal was 12 miles to the next shelter. It didn’t happen. Think we did 9.5. Camped by a creek again. The whole first part of the night I was scared a bear was getting our food.  One if my tent flaps was making noise. Was convinced. Fourth night getting only on and off sleep.

Day 5 : TODAY! Did another 8 mile day. And before 4. Holla. Didn’t take but one or two pictures
you was trying not to fall off Blood Mountain. Knees and hips are f@%king killing me by afternoon.At the hostel at the trail head. Cute place. Tobie the dog is here, him and his three partners started the same day I did. And one or two others I’ve come across. For twenty dollars I get a bunk bed, towel and a meal. Tips welcome. I will actually get a full nights rest. Its snow/raining now. Cam is coming tomorrow afternoon so i’ll take another zero and rest my joints. 

My thoughts so far: The mountains lie, it always seems like you’re almost there. And the thrill of going down a mountain, just means you have to go back up.
And this isn’t just a physical thing. It’s so emotional. One minute you’re jumping for joy, the next near tears. And it’s only my first week. Good side note, I’m down atleast 10 pounds.



Those where camping last night.


Who needs a stair master.


More pics tomorrow.

Last night of comfort!

Okay we made to Amicalola State Park. After much driving, many detours and a couple wrong turns.
Alarm is set for 6:30. I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. This will be one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. 1) I’m over weight and out of shape. 2) I’m taking a baby of a dog Beau with me, who likes his beds soft and squishy.  And 3) I have to leave my little dog Smead for the longest I ever have. More than a week. He might not make it. He’s what you call a momma’s boy.
So after a quick breakfast and the 45/60 minute drive I hope to be walking by 8:30.
I’ll take a quick video up there at the trail head. Not sure when ir where service is to post it. But I’ll try.

Here’s a quick of the dogs on the 6 hour trip here.


Beau is the Brown one. Ty is the one in front. He's my sisters dog.