Andalou Naturals Hyaluronic DMAE LIFT AND FIRM CREAM

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Andalou Naturals : Super Goji Peptide Perfecting Cream

I LOVE this day cream. I think it’s a day cream. I have normal skin, and it’s not too light or to thick for me. Worked fine all through a Florida summer and still working fine for fall.


I’ve used this every morning for the past 2 months. I have noticed a slight difference for the better in my skins texture and brightness.
I’ve also noticed my skin during the day is a more constant moisture level. If that makes any sense.
I use this after I wash/rinse my face and use a vitamin C serum. It does take a minute to work into the skin. Nothing overly annoying. I have tried some natural lotions that take 3 times as long to work into the skin. However, once its sunk in, it’s not sticky or greasy. You’re left with smooth silky feeling skin. I don’t have sensitive skin, but it does turn red easy. I have had no sensitivity to this.


This is a semi light weight cream. If I put this on my fingers or hand, it will start sliding.


Soaks up really nice. No weird residue or white cast. Now, I drink a lot. I always have water, iced coffee or some juice on hand. ALWAYS drinking something. So my skin is really hydrated. On certain days when my skin is extra hydrated. It kind of feels like something in it doesn’t sink in 100%, but still not a residue or oily. It might just be my skin acting different on different days. Doesn’t affect my makeup or anything. (Please ignore the weird bruise thing and mark) This cream did not do that.

I really like the packaging too. Dark bottle to protect the vitamin c that’s in it. Smells great. Fruity? What I really think it smells like it the Strawberries and Cream instant oatmeal from Quaker. Brought back memories.

I would totally repurchase this cream.