Welcome Back! Again.

After having WordPress issues, than internet issues, and finally time issues. I’M BACK.

We’re settled into our new house. I’ve finished most of the renovated, besides some little stuff and things that are way beyond my doings.

I’ve been thinking lately what I want out of this blog, and I guess, I still don’t know. I guess it would be best described as a lifestyle blog?

Somewhere I can post recipes, decor, beauty and household things in my all natural and organic journey.
I’m trying to get our life to the be 90/10. That’s 90% natural/organic/homemade with only 10% commercial.
Right now we’re probably only 70/30.

So come along and partake in our misadventures.


I have a problem (August Book Haul)

I ended up buying over 20 books last month.
If you guys don’t know, Goodwill has books. .50 for paperback and 1.00 for hardcover. I think I got 10 from there last month. Two things I love, saving money and reading. When I can combine the two, I’m a happy girl.
The rest was a combination of Books-A-Million bargain buys, and Amazon. Both great places for book deals.

Book Haul for August