September Empties

We didn’t use a whole lot up last month. Most of the food we eat is fresh. And since I like to have 5 of anything open it takes a while to go through one.
But since I’m starting a purge I’ll be finishing up more stuff in the following months. Hopefully.

Dog Empties August

My two dogs liked these. There aren’t many treats they don’t like. But some times it happens. So these passed.


We try to be cruelty free when possible. Neither of us are vegan, but unnecessary pain or suffering bothers me. And I now know Arm and Hammer and Aveeno both test on animals. The shave cream we’ve had for a looong time and will not repurchase, this one wasn’t even empty. I feel bad about this, but I will repurchase the deodorant. It’s the only naturalish deodorant that Cam will wear and actually work. He’s not a cruelty free people, so it’s a fight for another time.
I liked the Kiss my face, it works pretty good. I have an extra one. If I buy this brand again, I’ll get a scented one.
We have used the ECOS laundry detergent for years. I’ve probably used it for 7/8 years. And Cam has used it since we met 5 years ago. Love it, we get the huge size at Sam’s and stock up when it’s on sale.
This Ecover dishwasher detergent was okay. It’s no better or worse than any commercial brand. Our 6 month old high-end dishwasher kind of sucks, so I’ll probably never know it any of them are good. I’ll keep trying though. So I’d repurchase. But not right away.


I drink one of those Pure Protein drinks every morning. (with a cup of coffee to make an iced coffee) I didn’t save all of them. I love them. Not natural, but really not bad ingredients either. And they only have a few net carbs each.
I normally eat one of the Quest Bars for lunch or snack or an on the go meal. They only have a few carbs and not to bad on calories. I didn’t eat all of these in one month, but i keep 4 flavors on hand. These happened to run out last month, I have two more about to run out as I type. Making a vitacost order this friday.
If you like coffee, but try not to drink it. YOU NEED the herbal coffee Teeccino. Deep smooth roasted flavor, none of the acidity. I mix this with regular coffee. So half and half. They have different flavors too.
Anyone know where I can get organic canned corn? I haven’t seen any at our local stores. Maybe there are some frozen bags I can keep. I’ll look for those.