Red Apple Lipstick – Eyeshadow review

Since I didn’t do a review last week. I figured I’d do two this week, both on the same company, so look forward to another one tomorrow.

I first found out about Red Apple Lipstick (RAL) a few months ago. I instantly was intrigued. A pretty natural high end make up line that’s gluten free and for the most part allergy free. I’m sure someone out there is allergic to something in one of their products.

Here’s a little info from there website.
“We choose to use safe ingredients, chosen carefully from the most respected ingredient suppliers in the world. And from there, every product is made here in the United States (Texas, to be precise) in small, boutique batches.

“Gluten Free Mineral Eye Shadows – Guaranteed To Not Make Your Eyes Itchy, Puffy, Red, or Swollen – Or Your Money Back”
That’s right, they have a 6 MONTHS return policy.

One swipe and two swipes. Iced Mocha (Bottom), Vamp (Top)
From the website “Iced Mocha is a lovely taupe color that is packed full of shimmer!” And “Vamp is a deep red color that reminds of aged red wine.” Sigh, I’m torn. It’s sort of reddish.

These eye shadows are smooth and buttery. Decent pigmentation. I actually prefer something that has a medium? intensity. Something that can be lighter, or built up to full color.
Staying power is good, I don’t normally wear a base or primer. If you do, the staying power would be amazing. I normally don’t have problem with shadows fading, so I’m not the best for that.
The only complaint I have with these two colors. Vamp isn’t has burgundy as I thought in my head, it pulls a lot of brown.
And Iced Mocha is a smidgen more shimmery. Not glitter, just shinier then I could tell on the website. Even though it clearly says full of shimmer. haha.

All in all I love these shadows and will be getting more, I have my eye on a few neutrals and some colors for my green eyes. At $18.75 I think they are a bit overpriced. But with sales and coupon codes, they end up being the right price. Just be patient.
At some point I want to try the lash project mascara, I get watery eye and almost always get smudging on my lower lash line, or transfer with anything but not natural waterproof mascara. Maybe on one of their sales i’ll pick it up, its over 40.00. My wallet will cry on that purchase.
Tomorrows post is on a few of their lipsticks.