October Empties 2014

If you’re new to empties, this is where I show you stuff we’ve used up, and give a quick review. Assume if you’ve seen fresh fruits and vegetables in hauls. We finished them. Meats as well.

Bath and Body:

This American Eagle cologne is one of my favorite mens smells. Its light and fresh for a cologne. Probably has a citrus base, but still woodsy.
This Shampoo isn’t really all that natural, but a nice option if it’s the only thing you can get.
The dove is what we have used for years because its nice for sensitive skin, but we recently switched to a goat’s milk soap. I think it’s a huge difference.
I’m still on the fence about this mouth wash. I repurchased a new one, but I think I’ll probably switch after this one is over.

Dog Stuff:
This is my little dogs food. I switched for a few weeks, a month ago to a different one. Mistake, Smead had a mild allergic reaction and his skin scabbed up. Poor thing.
Since we got a new dog and it took us a week or two to get her into the vet. We had to get some kind of flea prevention, the strays in our area keep us well supplied.

Cameron grabbed these chips the other day for some salsa. I only had a few, but they were good.
These different organic chocolates are both a staple in our house. A square is normally our dessert, or Cam dips them in his coffee.

The Annie’s mac and cheese are OK, not great, not bad. I love these pitas, we have the small ones now.
These Wild Oats soups are great.
I can’t remember where we got these salmon, but they are good.
The z-bars in the back were s’mores. They were nice, good flavor. Would repurchase.
I’ve fallen in love with the wild oats soups, not watered down and great seasoning.

This is the last of the Tart Cherry and Apple for at least for a few weeks.
We go through one almond milk and soy/almond creamer a week.
We also go through a coffee and herbal coffee every two weeks. I blend the two together.
And of course my Pure Protein breakfast drinks.