Adventures to come.

So I tried walking the AT earlier this year, but had to quit due to injuring my Knee, no worries the worst is over, and my toe nails are growing back nicely. All but one is back so far.
I met and have followed many great people. Some have finished and some had to leave it for another time. But the one I hiker I walked with the most and have kept in contact the most with was Duddlebug. And this fall we have decided to hike the month of Nov. We had talked about possibly doing the Smokies, but we all know that’s out for right now. Virginia is our next option. I figure it will be great training for the AT next year. Or maybe the Florida trail this winter.
I’ve replaced a few things from my last trip to the AT. Mot much, but I did learn that 3 extra pounds and feel like 20 at the end of the day. And I have found MY pair of shoes. The Brooks Ghost. Light, water repellant and fit like heaven. I’ve never had good luck with athletic shoes, my whole life. They either rub my heals, or swish my toes since I have wide feet. No problem with these.

I’m really excited. I’ve only walked around my property or at the preserve, but it’s not the same.

McAfee Knob, Virginia Most photographed place on the AT.

McAfee Knob, Virginia
Most photographed place on the AT.

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Day 6 – 10 of the challange

I have to say, I’m feeling stronger. What I now do in one of my sets, is almost what my whole day was on the first day.
Recovery time is not that long at all anymore. Don’t get me wrong, whilst doing it, you’re breathing hard, got a good glisten going, but afterward you get over it pretty fast. I won’t repeat what messages my friend Clarissa sends me after she finishes, as they are not appropriate for all ears. But I know deep down she feels the same way.
I already did my 105 for day 10 and feel great. I actually did 120, because I didn’t get to finish yesterday. I did 60, then left for the evening. Then I forgot once we got home. So today and tomorrow I’ll do a bit extra to make up for it.
My abs and arms are a bit sore from yoga yesterday. First time in years. But my legs are good.

Don't forget knees should not pass over your toes. Not me in picture, fyi.

Don’t forget knees should not pass over your toes. Not me in picture, fyi.

Trail Training, hope it doesn’t kill me!

So I know one or two people doing this, and thought it would be great training for Hiking again. I’ll start Monday, July 1st. Wish me luck. I started going back to the gym 2 weeks ago, but I’m still out of shape. Any form of muscle I got early in the year went away while taking it easy. But I can now go a couple miles at a slight incline without anything hurting to bad. score.


Decisions Decisions

So, I’ve taken it easy, trying to let my knee/s heal up enough to head back out on the trail. I know I won’t have time to finish it this year. But I wouldn’t mind trying to finish some more, do as much as I can. At the moment walking around feels fine, but I can barely go up and down steps.
I’ve thought of doing the florida trail to help prepare and retrain for the AT. For those of you in Florida understand there aren’t that many big hills here. Less stress on my knee going down. Ordered some braces to see if that helps, and getting my muscles in shape should help the tendons stay in place.
The Florida Trail is harder to walk on, because you have to get permission from everywhere you can think of. The government to walk on bases, indian reservations, private land owners, hunting clubs, So much more of a pain. But I can do a couple hundred miles and not be more than 2 hours from home. So its convenient. I also feel they might be more dangerous, more people, less hikers. Might think about carrying on that one.
There are some trails around here, I’ll start with this week.


Taking a break!

So on my way down one of the mountains. I can’t remember which one. I got my foot caught and twisted my knee pretty good. Luckily I was hiking down a side that had road access, and more luckily, I was able to hike a ride to town. Cam came and picked me up last night. Most of the swelling as already gone, but still have ALOT of soreness and loss of feeling. And somehow I guess twisted some of my foot area, lot of bruising/pain. Going to take a few days off see how that all plays out.

Side note : All along the way you hear people talking about how addictive hiking is. And as your walking you don’t really think about it. You just go, that’s what you do. But what happens when you can’t go? You want to. So weird, I can totally see how people get addicted to it. I was only on my 2nd week and when you’re sitting around for an extended period, you start getting antsy for a walk.